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Nalog Limited is a Russian speaking company in Ireland (with another office in the Netherlands). We are specialized in accounting, tax and company formation services in Ireland and in the Netherlands.We work mainly with East-European companies and clients as well as with those who has business interests in East-European countries. We work with individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as large companies.We are here to help you with all kinds of questions related to taxation, accounting and starting your business.

Contact us for advice, information, support for your business or any other tax or accounting related question. Whether you have a simple question or a difficult fiscal problem, we will provide you with an answer.

As professional and experienced accountants and bookkeepers we can help you in different ways: We can offer consultations on taxation, starting your own business in Ireland or administration for business.We can help opening a business in Ireland. We can take care of bookkeeping of you existing business Help to solve difficult issues related to taxation and bookkeeping in Ireland. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you wight have: [email protected]

Nalog Limited

By prior arrangement, you can visit our office. If you wish to receive personal advice, find out how we work or you have any questions that can be solved only in office

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Our mission is to come up with the best solutions for an individual client in his/her unique situation and in accordance with his/her fiscal and financial wishes and obligations. We answer even unasked questions. Our best interest is optimizing our clients tax liabilities. Our client´s interests is our top priority, that´s why we don´t work just hours but we solve problems. We are aiming to help you save your time from struggling with tax issues and spend it on the work you like to do

In order for us to provide you with services for filling out declarations, requesting subsidies, communicating on your behalf with the tax inspectorate, etc. we need your data and your consent. If you are a new customer, please fill out the customer card on the Customer card page (Cabinet – Customer card). If you doubt the correct answer, please describe your situation in the comments box. If you have already contacted us before, then check if there have been any changes in your data or in your marital status since the last time you contacted us. If there were any, then download the client card and fill it again. ! do not forget to attach a copy of your identity document to your client’s card (passport, residence card or Dutch rights)

After placing your order, you will receive an invoice, which you can pay via internet-bankering or directly at the bank. If you, for example, make an appointment for a personal consultation or attending a seminar, you can also pay for the invoice in cash at the meeting. If you are a private person, but the company will pay for you, then simply indicate the details of the payer in the order form and we will write an invoice for it. A convenient subscription system will allow you to get qualified assistance at any time in optimizing taxes, financial analysis of your situation, resolving disputes with tax, timely changes to calculations and so on, without waiting for additional costs. The subscription can be paid through the payment gateway on our website, using PayPal

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